United African Community - Pietermaritzburg

Friday, 15 January 2016

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City: Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
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Contact name Siphe

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United African Community refers to those who by origin or tradition have African roots and whose firm belief is that it would take Africans themselves to solve the significant problems that they face.When they identify them as a unit and organise themselves around strong values; putting together what they have; true economic change is seen and instantly felt by all.

We are using the most familiar concept among African communities called umholiswano (stokvel)

United African Community is based on people helping each other.

To be part of this amazing opportunity, you will need a minimum amount once off of only R1700.

Out of this seed, R1500 will be evenly distributed amongst three existing members of the community and the remaining R200 will go towards administering all the affairs of the community
you can watch a full presentation by clicking the following link

www.youtube.com/watch? v=49qjxq2d

or simply follow the steps below

This is how we have organised it:

You will sign-up on our Visit our website :
You can watch our presentations online under “umholiswano”
Or click the sign-up button
Fill in the registration form and use sponsor code "MyeB17850746877713" when sponsor code is required
When done filling in the form click submit or register,

four account numbers will appear
Distribution of R1700
R1500 will be evenly distributed amongst three existing members of the community and the remaining R200 will go towards administering all the affairs of the community
1. Your sponsor (Me) = R500
2. Their sponsor =R500
3. Person introduced number 2=R500

Admin Fee=R200

When you have done all your deposits, you can scan your slips or take a photo of each

Login and Upload proof of payments to be activated.

you will have your link created, and use your MyeB(code) to recruit your 3 members, and each of them recruit their members, the cycle goes on.

by sharing the same steps with only 3 people earn R500, the same will happen to them, just keep the cycle alive.

i) Yourself = R500
ii) Your sponsor = R500
iii) Your sponsors sponsor = R500
and R200 Admin fee
Level 02: Your 3 repeat this process by building
a team of 3
Therefore 3 x 3= 9 x R500 = R4 500
i) 3 People
ii) Yourself = R4 500
iii) Your Sponsor = R4 500
Level 03: The 9 repeat process by building
a team of 3
Therefore 9x 3 = 27 x R500 = R13 500
i) 9 People
ii) 3 People
iii) Yourself = R13 500
Level 1 = R1 500
Level 2 = R4 500
Level 3 = R13 500
Total = R19 500
You will earn this money instantly since
your team members will deposit R500 directly into your personal account.
Your earnings will increase daily when your team repeat procces and this works fast.

Now that you’ve understood the concept,
we have developed further levels that will increase your income
From the money that you have generated you are
advised to proceed to the next level. Since you have made R19 500, you can now afford to participate in the next level which will require you to begin at only R3000.

after all, I'm sharing this because someone was generous enough to share it with me, but all is up to you. you decide, go look up
read all about it read facebook posts, youtube, if you don't feel right about it, fine leave it, but if youre interested I'm for you, and you're one step to being financially free.

register and use MyeB17850746877713 for a sponsor code. invite your friends and we are one!
for my assistance if you would need, send me a whatsapp text on +27835017966. ill gladly assist. if you feel you are being scammed. ignore the post please.
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